3 Simple Ways to Living a more Mindful Life

The practice of Mindfulness is in times like these more needed than ever before. Mindfulness teaches us to become more aware, more present in our lives. It helps us to be in the now, which is in essence everything we’ll ever have. Think about it, the past was happening in the now and the future will also happen in the now, so there really is not more than the now we will ever have, is there? We still need to sometimes revisit the past or plan ahead, but this can be done more consciously, more present in the now. Practising mindfulness helps to be more focused, more compassionate, and happier in our lives and has proven successful for decades.

Taking a step into self-consciousness is actually very easy, however maintaining a constant state of awareness is very hard, as you have to fight this battle with your all-time chatterbox, the mind. The mind cannot exist without time, hence has the constant need to dwell into past memories or live in anticipation waiting for something to happen that will make our lives better. By doing so, we completely miss the point of life, which is happening right in this very moment.

Here are a few simple ways how we can implement mindfulness into our daily lives.

1) Silent Observer

You’re probably wondering what that is? In order to become more present, we need to become aware of our thoughts. Just try to observe your next thought that comes in. Don’t react on it and don’t judge it, just watch it. Watch how it comes and quickly disappears again, if you’re not feeding it with your attention. Observe how many of those thoughts are of negative nature? While you’re witnessing your thoughts, you are already in the present moment. A lot of the times, we will face some difficulties resisting our mind’s chatter and getting lost in our thoughts again – that’s normal! We become aware of it, we accept it and we gently bring our attention back to whatever it is we’re doing in the present moment. Being aware of what is going on in our mind, is the first step towards a mindful journey.

2) Breathing Space

When we sometimes get a little bit too stressed and caught up in life, a little breathing space can do real wonders. By that, I mean taking aside a couple of minutes to scan your body for any sensations and feelings you might have, focusing on your breathing and just allowing everything to be. Don’t try to change it or fight what is there, just be aware of what’s going on inside you. Try then to gently lead your attention to your breath, and with every out breath, release any tension or stress you might feel. You can try this for as little or much as you want, but on average 3 minutes can already help you feel calmer and more focused during the day.

3) Awareness 

When was the last time you were really present in the very moment? Don’t worry if you can’t remember, except of a few highly conscious individuals, every single one of us lives on auto-pilot mode and runs through life, controlled by our minds and not realising what is going on around us. That’s where bringing mindfulness into our everyday life, can help us to experience live in the now, not through past memories.

When you’re taking your shower today, try to really feel the water on your body, draw your attention to the flowery smell of the gel and feel the sensation of your skin reacting to the warm water. When the mind wonders off, we bring it back again. When you then get ready for your way to work, take in as much as you can from your journey. Can you make your morning commute a bit more conscious?

It takes time, to fully incorporate this practice and regain control back from your mind, but with practice it gets easier and you’ll experience some moments of peace, feeling more energised and positive in your life.

Mindfulness is on the rise and more and more people are using the practice as a balance to their stressful, hectic lives. There’s no specific rule and you can find what works best for you, it’s about what you want to get out of it and how much you want change to happen. Remember, once you change your perspective on life, it changes with it and you’ll walk through life with greater ease and joy. But it all starts within you.

If you have any questions or comments about the above, or would like to discuss more in person, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at contact@lifecoachkat or visit www.lifecoachkat.com and I’ll be happy to help.

Kat x


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