The Power of Now

A week ago, I started reading Eckhart Tolle’s incredible and utterly mind-blowing book The Power of Now. Never in my life have I read something so life transforming and awakening like those wise words packed into this treasure for everyone seeking enlightenment . Published in the late 1990s, the book was #1 New York Time best seller and has been translated to over 30 languages, making his teachings available to everyone with an open mind and a willingness to go beyond.


In the Power Of Now, Tolle talks about how everything that really matters is the here and now, and how problems are just an illusion created by our mind, which is inseparable with time and therefore relies on the future and the past, to survive. It thinks it would face annihilation if it wasn’t connected to what he referred to as psychological time. The future isn’t real, neither is the past – it was, is and will ever just be the now. Think about it, you were present in your memories, otherwise they wouldn’t exist. You were now and you will be in the future, therefore worrying about the past or thinking about possible future scenarios doesn’t make sense, as all that really matters is the now itself. If you look at your life, which Tolle describes as already perfect and fulfilled and rather calls difficult challenges “situations”, nothing really bothers you right now. If you just concentrate on really Being, you would find that nothing is missing and all you’re feeling is some deep level of inner peace and beauty for your surrounding.

In the now, problems don’t exist.

All the problems are just phantoms of your mind to prevent you from being now, fully conscious and aware. Fully alive.

He also talks about how silence is the key to experiencing inner peace. Which is quite paradox if you’ve like me believed and fully relied on your chatty mind for all the time. The thing with time really got me. I spend an unhealthy amount of time letting my mind and thoughts take over my life, completely missing the point of life as I didn’t live in the now at all. I was living in past memories (cause I missed them thinking about other past memories when it was now) and waiting for better times, lucrative opportunities to come in the future. Yet, I was not living at all. Just being aware of how much control we allow our  mind to have over our lives, over ourselves is already changing a great lot. Tolle suggests we should become silent witnesses of our busy mind and by being aware of thoughts our mind throws our way, we are already present in the moment. We are already being conscious.

Once there is presence, there is stillness. And where there is stillness in the mind, there is inner peace and a connectedness to our real self and our inner energy field.

I could go on about this book for age as it has really turned around my way of thinking and has already shown significant changes in myself. I couldn’t help but share with my friends and family, but also want to reach out to those of you, with a similar interested in mindfulness and true self-discovery and recommend to give this book a try yourself 🙂

I will definitely be sharing more about this great book in the future, so watch this space. For now, let me know what your thoughts are on this subject and share some experiences in the comments. Would be great to discuss.

Thanks for reading!

Kat xx


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