Big things often have small beginnings

As the title gives away, we all have to start small, but we need to start somewhere. This is something I have been struggling with for a very long time, but now slowly come to realise. I always thought good things would just come to me and all I have to do is be open and wait for them. Well I was wrong, let me tell you this.

Good things come to those who get their arse up and do something. Who invest a great amount of time, effort, love and compassion into whatever goals they want to achieve in life. Deep inside I knew that, it is just very hard to break out of old patterns and work towards a massive change in yourself. Knowing that you have the potential to be whatever you want to be and live the life of your dreams, is the most frustrating part for me. Being fully aware of where you could be right now, if you’d just worked hard enough for it and pursued your big dream. Instead you let yourself down from the obstacles life throws along your way and drown yourself in your own sorrow just because it is so much easier than getting out of bed and start being the change you want to see in the world and most importantly, in yourself (Allow me to quote Gandhi here)

Trusting I’m probably not alone with those feelings, I started this Blog to inspire all the other beautiful lost souls out there and help in the tiniest way I can, overcome these challenges and finding to your true self, allowing maximum happiness to enter your life and giving you the strength to transform into your real, great self with infinite options and potential. By reaching out and sharing the experience, in a somewhat safe place, I hope that we can take on this journey together.

On that note, a very common obstacle is something which seems quite normal: Leaving the house and going outside. We do it everyday, going to work, university, meeting friends, going shopping or just taking the trash out. We do it everyday. But for people like me who spend an unhealthy amount of time sitting at home, those simple tasks can seem very challenging. For the past year I was working remotely, from home and there wasn’t any need to leave the house so I just wouldn’t do it and often find myself not having payed the “outside” world a visit in days. The more I was aware of the problem, the more it concerned me but other than complaining, I didn’t do much about it. It was only until recently, when I noticed I need to make a drastic change and get out of the little bubble I enjoy living in so much.

Travelling is usually a good way to get some distance and relaxation for the mind, but it is also an expensive hobby. Surely there are some great deals out there, but if you’re on a tight budget, you gotta think out of the box.

How do I satisfy my inner need to experience new things and visit new places without breaking the bank?

I’m based in the heart of busy London, a place millions of tourists come to visit every year. A city so buzzy, creative, thriving and colourful, with opportunities around almost every corner. But here I am, barely leaving the house! Whenever I look out my window, I see people having fun, participating in the game of life. I get so caught up in my imagination that I allow it to take over and lose the connection to reality. In my mind, I am already the best version of myself, traveled the world, received a nobel prize… you get the point. But in the here and now I am none of the above, so I am at a choice point:

Do I want to continue quite literally wasting my time way or do I want to proactively work towards achieving my goals?

I choose the latter.

Let’s not define happiness based on things we don’t have, let’s start appreciating what we have. Let’s change our perspective and look at the whole situation form a different angle. Let’s focus on the now and not what happened in the past. In my case, I complain about not being able to travel, but I live in a city, a lot of people would envy me for. They would consider me as lucky and look at their own life doubtfully – and that’s how the wind blows.

Looking for a purpose, I thought I could appreciate what I have in front of me and go rogue, exploring London in a different way. The idea got me hooked – and more importantly, out of the house. Accompanied by my all-time friend, my camera, I started to treat these adventures like (photo)excursions, put some planning into it, gier up and even feeling some “pre-travel excitement”. They bring me true joy and at the end of a day, I feel like I have accomplish something, I’ve worked towards my goal.

I want to share this adventurous journey of seldfiscovery with you, alongside some photographs I took on the way, and hopefully inspire you to do the same.

Thanks for reading! Warm hugs,



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